Marcin & Christina: Tacoma Wedding Photographer

February 9, 2013

Here you will find our most current photography and travel adventures! Come back soon to see what we are getting in to!




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Whoo hoo! Blog post number one for my new blog, New Year, specializing in couple’s photography! I am so excited that Marcin and Christina are the first faces to grace the new page! They are so sweet, and so much fun! When we first met I asked how they met. They informed that they had met at work, and that for the longest time it was a big secret! Some of their co-workers didn’t even know they were an item until they got engaged! I just think that is so Romeo and Juliet, I love it! For their E-sesh we started at Chambers bay Golf course, went to the beach, and then ended up down town Tacoma where it all started ; ) It was cold, and we trekked all over the place, but it was so worth it! I had so much with them and I am so excited for their wedding! Enjoy their E-sesh preview.

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